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Eveready 3w Headlamp With Straps


Eveready 3W Head Lamp with Straps

This head lamp features three light modes: full beam, half beam and flashing. It is ideal for working in dark areas or if you have hands-free work.

It also has an adjustable head position and elasitcated straps, keeping it firmly on your head, but comfortably.

Inside the pack, you are supplied with three AAA Eveready batteries. It is not just ideal for working either, as you could easily use this camping or while riding your bike. Its flashing mode and straps mean you could definitely place it around your helmet and be seen visibly by cars.

What is COB Technology? COB (Chip On Board) is a modern technology. Multi LED chips are a lighting module that appears as a panel offering users a clear wide bright light.


  • COB Technology
  • Elasticated Head Straps
  • Adjustable Head Position
  • 3 Light Modes: Full/Half Beam & Flashing
  • Three AAA Batteries (supplied)