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MacuShield Eye Supplement Original Formula - 90 Capsules

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MacuShield - Eye supplement - 90 capsules MACUSHIELD with Meso-Z is a new patented dietary supplement containing meso-zeaxanthin (Meso-Z) for eye health. MacuShield is UK's most recommended eye supplement.  It was discovered thanks to the researches of Dr. Richard Bone and Dr. John Landrum, professors of physics and biochemistry departments at Florida International University. Bone and Landrum studied the macular pigment and its involvement in macular degenerative disease related to age (AMD) for over two decades. These two doctors demonstrated that macular pigment is composed of three carotenoids; lutein (L), zeaxanthin (Z) and meso-zeaxanthin (Meso-Z). These carotenoids protect the macula due to their antioxidant content and the colour light blue that has filtration properties.Meso-Z is found only in the central macula where it is the dominant carotenoid three. Meso-Z is anatomically closer to macula photoreceptors of lutein or zeaxanthin and is therefore ideally located to protect against free radical damage. Unlike lutein, which is found in spinach and other green vegetables, and zeaxanthin which is the yellow pigment present in maize, meso-Z is not found in a typical diet. Meso-Z is generated in most organs, but it has been shown that some people can not generate converting enzyme.