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Mclaren Paste Wax Kit 12


McLaren Paste Wax Kit

  • Kit comes with two products designed to be used together
  • Stage 1 is to be used on a clean dry car, which prepares the car for stage 2
  • Gives a long lasting deep gloss shine

McLaren Paste Wax Kit Product Description

McLaren Paste Wax Kit gives a full deep shine finish, leaving a smooth feel to your car. Both products need to be used. Stage 1 is a cleaner wax which is applied to a clean dry car. The product helps remove contamination and cleans the paintwork ready for Stage 2. Stage 2 is a hard wax which contains Carnauba wax, bee's wax and coconut oils to give a deep gloss finish. The product is designed to give a long lasting deep gloss shine. Whilst the stage 2 can be used on its own, we suggest using both products for a complete finish.